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Nathan Nunes

Nathan Nunes


"He did an excellent job selling (and renting in one occasion) two properties for me and my family. He is a hard working and honest person. I recommend him highly."

Dr. Namadran

"Nathan was informative, understanding, and professional. he gave his opinion when asked for advice, but did not force it into our decisions. Nathan was respectful of our needs and made himself available as needed. His prompt and helpful replies helped to facilitate bringing the home to a very sellable appearance as well as securing a well-matched buyer for the property. It was a pleasure to work with Nathan and we would definitely use/recommend him again."


"Nathan is a fantastic realtor! He always went the extra mile for us. He is very knowledgeable, patient and an all around good guy! I'm sad I won't get to talk to him every week now that we have a house.Thank you Nathan for an outstanding job."

Miles & Erin

"Nathan went to a great effort to find the exact home my husband and I were looking for. Just when we were ready to give up, Nathan worked harder. He was patient and kind - even when we were demanding. When he found our home, he went the extra mile at every turn to finalize our home purchase. We recommend him without reservation."

Kristin & Angel

"Nathan helped me purchase a great condo in 2006 and helped me purchase my new home in 2011. He is also helping me rent out the aforementioned condo. He was very helpful and patient throughout the entire process."

Joe E.

"Nathan is an excellent realtor with considerable real estate knowledge and business savvy. He is a person with the highest business standards; this includes his honesty, integrity, real estate and market intelligence, and attention to detail. Nathan works very proactively on your behalf, is responsive to your questions, concerns, etc., and is extremely personable in his business dealings. He goes the extra mile to: provide you with amazing customer service, address your specific situation thoroughly and appropriately, communicate with you to keep you updated on everything as needed, and develop strong, ongoing relationships by being there for you before, during, and after any specific business. Plus, he's just a great guy. I have and will continue to refer him to others."


"Nathan provided me with an absolutely stellar experience in my home search. I started looking in August 2011 and completed a purchase in Feb 2012. I had purchased and then sold a home before this. I am a single person with no children and was looking for a condo. Nathan helped me with two offers both happened to be on short sales. The first offer I dropped out of after a month or two. The second offer went to completion and I got the keys this week! Throughout my search, Nathan was immediately responsive when I wanted to see a property. When he took me through a property, he was knowledgeable about its good points and bad points. He was able to discuss things like: - the character of a neighborhood (what people like and what they didn't) - planned or pending construction projects that might impact the property - the prices of comparable properties and pricing trends - materials quality and remodeling costs He is not a high pressure sales person at all. He never pressured me to go see higher priced properties (even though I was qualified). Since he knew I really liked a particular complex, he watched it closely and informed me of upcoming listings. Nathan was there throughout the process from start to finish. He helped with everything --- my conversations with the mortgage lender, the title process, and (of course) the contract negotiation. He was there when I signed the papers at the title company -- caught and had them correct some errors in the financials. When I had questions about anything, he was very complete in answering them. He was able to recommend contractors and other service people. It is rare to work with someone who approaches his job like a craft in which he wants to excel. Nathan is one of those people. He really knows his stuff when it comes to real estate and to customer service.Absolutely would recommend him --- he is a true professional."


"Nathan was on top of everything from start to finish. Helped us close early! Very responsive to emails and phone calls, most times within an hour. Really pulled through for us and continues to help us navigate homeownership even after close. Highly recommended."

Gavin & Lily

"I have shopped for an investment property with three realtors and was able to close it with Nathan. It was hard as the bay area market has been getting hot. Nathan was professional, responsive and not pushing. One more time, good job Nathan."


"Great patience while checking out available market. Aggressive follow-up on all issues that developed between offer and closing."